Do I miss Ukraine?

I miss walking around and imagining history, including the specific history of my ancestors during the insanity of the previous century. It’s a burden, that weight of history, but I miss it now that it’s gone. It’s also a tether to help me understand who I am. I also miss the coffee culture, my uniqueness as a Ukrainian-speaking American, and the endless interesting places to visit.

I miss being in a place that is not politically correct, the universal cynicism about government, and the excitement of a market economy that hasn’t even reached its 21st birthday.

2 thoughts on “Do I miss Ukraine?

    1. Ed K


      For those of us on this side of the pond, we need him back. We need potential leaders and those who march to different drummers.

      Now it is up to those he left behind to step up and lead…

      Leading is an acquired art and while some degree of smarts is helpful, the brilliance of Einstein is not required. Just courage and common sense.

      Ed K


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