2 thoughts on “Does This Soldier’s Instagram Account Prove Russia Is Covertly Operating In Ukraine?

  1. walt

    Lawyers look for proof.

    The following is the last sentences of an article about the current congressional hearing on syrian war atrocities;


    Start of quote;
    At his side was former special prosecutor David Crane, who tried Liberian president Charles Taylor and is now working on setting up a tribunal to bring those responsible for war crimes in Syria to justice.

    We rarely find smoking gun evidence, but that’s what we found, Crane told the lawmakers, adding he and his team were “stunned by the magnitude of this.”
    End of quote.

    Crane brought justice to Liberian president, he wants to bring justice to Syria.
    “They” were looking for the “smoking gun”, ‘they” are looking for “proof russia did it”.

    THIS IS LAWYER TALK. Yes in the end evil will loose and justice will be done.
    People don’t want justice, they want to be able to protect themselves. Justice is for the lawyers, and they run all 3 brances of goverment, putin’s a lawyer too.

  2. walt

    from; http://streetwiseprofessor.com/

    The Europeans and Obama believe that they are engaged in a nuanced strategy of graduated escalation that will convince Putin that continued attempts to subvert Ukraine through force will eventually result in Russia incurring unbearable financial costs, and that this will deter him from going further.

    Ask the shades of LBJ and McNamara about how hardened dictators interpret graduated escalation. They interpret it as a signal of weakness, not resolve. If anything, it urges them to go further. I would anticipate that this will be true today, with Putin.
    – See more at: http://streetwiseprofessor.com/#sthash.iczN57Ro.dpuf

    don’t worry if there is going to be a war in the end justice will prevail.


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