3 thoughts on “Donetsk Republic separatists were created in 2006 and preparing for war, with Russian funding since 2009…

    1. walt

      Alot of work went into this site. Many Ukrainians knew what was going on but the west loved the money and peace and dealt with lieing eurasianists. If there was no revolution the west still would not have done anything with the proof exposed on that site.

      This rule of law buisness, like all other prior epochs, monarchy etc., has reached it’s corrupt stage. With the right lawyer you can get away with anything, and justice after the crime is not justice it is a punisment for the crime, but real justice is preventing the crime. Lawyers talk about justice, they don’t talk much about preventing crimes. Heaven forbid you take justice into your own hands to protect yourself.

      Eastern Europeans have been apathetic, but this “can’t do antyhting untill proof” business as in propf of who shot down MH- 17 is also apathy.

      “When your life is seconds away from ending, the police are minutes away from helping”


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