Donetsk Student Demonstrators Tortured, Presented as “Right Sector” to Russia’s Propaganda Media

Tsenzor.NET reports relatives of students telling this to OstroV. According to the students, they had taken part in a peaceful pro-Ukrainian meeting on the evening of April 28, and separatists armed with knives and metal rods attacked them. The students were going home through Shcherbakov Park after the meeting was over, and there a group of armed separatists stopped them. They searched and interrogated them. Having found yellow-and-blue ribbons on the students, the separatists used force on the guys and took them to the Donetsk Oblast State Administration (OGA) building.

“They took them to the oblast state administration, stripped them, started beating them at their knees, slashed their extremities, then made them get down on their knees and beat them over their heads with sticks until they practically lost consciousness,” relatives said as they described shocking details about torture used by activists of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. According to relatives, the beaten students were then taken to another room, two pistols and Dmytro Yarosh’s alleged business card were placed in front of them, and they started filming a scene with commentary that the students allegedly were Right Sector activists. “When the students started denying the claim that they were connected with Right Sector, the separatists turned off the video camera and beat them up again,” said relatives. “Then they bandaged their heads and threw them out of the OGA.”

According to them, the students went home to get medical help, and they went immediately to the Voroshylov District police station in Donetsk to file a report on this incident involving harassment and torture. However, the investigator on duty at the district police station was wearing a St. George ribbon, and he told them directly, “Whether you want to write it or not, Russia’s going to be here soon anyway.” “Already today Russian television channels have shown a video claiming that five Right Sector members were arrested during disorders in Donetsk, students of Donetsk University,” said outraged relatives of the severely beaten students. “Actually, they don’t have anything to do with it.”