Dr Maltsev on history of Kremlin Propaganda

Today I have a presentation on Soviet – Finnish War by a student in my Political Economy class. I am reading her paper and amazingly enough Stalin’s arguments for the war are almost word to word to Putin’s in his anti-Ukrainian campaign. Fighting Finnish fascism, need to protect Soviet borders, liberation of Russian/Karelian speakers, etc.

2 thoughts on “Dr Maltsev on history of Kremlin Propaganda

  1. Ed K

    Maybe Dr. Maltsev can post students paper or references ?

    That unless he fears FSB would snatch student and send to Siberia?

  2. Ed K

    Did comments cover this point?

    “according to the “Tale of Bygone Years”, the northern core of Russia
    with its center in the ancient city of Ladoga created jointly East Slavic
    and Finnish -Chudand whole -tribes, besides just whole inhabited
    Karelian Isthmus (her descendants, called Vepsians, exist today — in
    particular, in the Leningrad region in 1989, there were 13,000 people …”


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