3 thoughts on “Ethnographic Map of Europe 1918 — where is Russia?

  1. beauregard

    In the past we are told that scriber has little time for
    subjects other than writing computer software to
    make himself gaudy rich.

    Every once in a while scriber diverges into history
    and ethnic origins. Ethic diversity is what it is. Humans
    migrate and interbred. This happened throughout history.

    It seems that scriber is trying to prove he is not progeny
    of artic nomad?

    Maybe this site will help him:


    Or maybe confuse him more?

    I have tried to answer the ethnic question asked of me, why
    Ukraine does not get more help in all ways from its diaspora?

    I point out that ethnic groups merge and meld quickly in
    North America. They often intentionally hide their ethnic
    origins. As explained to me by old man whose heritage
    would be considered Lithuanian today. He said that his family
    did not speak of family history because they escaped jails.

    There are those of us who understand that scriber really
    shares that heritage, yes? So, what does he do? He tries
    to jump back before the escape to claim ethnicity?

    Consider that in past there were great thinkers of many ethnic
    groups. What is wrong of taking the best ideas and running
    with them?

    Or more important, teaching others those good concepts and ways.

    This is called leadership. The world all over wants good leaders.

    Leaders set the beat of the drummer. They exhort others to do what
    is right and good.

    Ethnic maps are fine for historians but where are the specifics on
    how to defeat Putin? Where is leadership on this subject?

    1. Roman

      I’m not trying to prove anything about myself — I mapped my genome actually. Just because some humans interbred long ago, doesn’t mean ethnicity is meaningless. I’m afraid it’s very meaningful.


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