Euro Skeptics, Libertarians don’t understand the preference for the West

The point I find myself making to skeptical western friends is that even if this revolution is 100% about joining the EU, which is 90% isn’t, but even if it were, it’s still in the self-interest of Ukrainians.

Just compare the standard of living in Ukraine / Belarus to the Baltic countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

A Belorussian fried:

Americans don’t understand that given a choice between American empire and Russian, American looks more pleasant at least they don’t pray to atomic rockets sounds surrealistic, but Russian church regularly bless rockets, accidentally called “Satan”.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if some Church did pray to atomic weapons in the US, but it’d be some outlier church, not the official state one.


  1. Paul Vahur

    I have a confession to make. In 2004 Estonia had referendum about joining EU. (this was before I gave up on voting). I went to the polling booth and hadn’t yet made up my mind. There were some euroskeptic/libertarian thoughts that argued for staying out of EU. Then I thought of Russia and choose “Yes”. I was in and out of the booth in 20 seconds.

    I’m not proud of the choice I made but I don’t regret it either.

    There are no good choices in borderlands. #Georgia2008 #Ukraine2014


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