5 thoughts on “Everyone is Ukraine is a big military expert now. Here’s my version.

    1. walt

      Beauregard , I read you link above and it is interesting, but here is an additional view from Martin Armstrong. He indicates money transfers and of course trade were significant factors in the west’s success.

      “The degree of sophistication of Roman financial system was the secret to its rise. The Knights Templar fueled the rise from the ashes of the Dark Age as they too facilitated the movement of money throughout Europe handling the donations to the Catholic Church. Money could not move because of security.”


  1. beauregard


    I am not a globalist, rather fall into the Austrian
    Economic School of Economics.

    Williams sounds nice, but read that he thought
    that Marx and Keynes were opposing views. I
    think that Keynes is morphed Marxism.

    No I do not believe in globalist generalities.
    Rather ascribe to Roman’s friend, Patrick Barron:

    I also closely ascribe to Monty:

    Read the works of those guys from Lviv, Ukraine:
    Mises and Hayek…

    Sounds good economics often is too good to be true.


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