Facts Vs Opinions (from a Youtube discussion where I was accused of being biased)

The Maidan protests were never Nazi or Fascist. Russia’s mercenary leaders have been members of explicitly Nazi organizations and use explicit Nazi symbols.
The Maidan protests never threatened Jews. (Three Jewish Ukrainian were killed protesting on Maidan.)
The Maidan protests and the new government never threatened Russians. Russians also protested on Maidan.
Pro Russian protests in the east were never assaulted.
Pro Ukrainian protests were viciously assaulted in Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea by hooligans imported from Russia — imported hooligans were used in Tallinn Estonia in 2009 when Estonians relocated (not even fully removed!) a statue to the Soviet “liberators,” who after “liberation” deported 17% of the Estonian population to Siberia.
Only the Russians have used torture. Only the Russians have systemically kidnapped journalists.
There is no “ethnic cleansing” of Russian speakers as Daniel McAdams claims. Half the fucking Ukrainian military speaks Russian. The closest thing to ethnic cleansing is the Russian terror / intimidation campaigns in Crimea and the east.
Russia did indeed invade Crimea (contrary to McAdam’s claims).
Russia is indeed supplying the mercenaries in the east (contrary to McAdam’s claims).
No Russian books have been burned. The Russians have staged Ukrainian book burnings.
While Russia’s professional provocateurs imagine and advertize hatred toward Russians in Ukraine (and Finland, Estonia, Lativa, Lituania, Belarus, Khazakstan, Georgia), little of it exist. On the other hand, within Russia itself, Ukrainian language story books even get removed from libraries.
Politifact concluded that statements by Paul Crag Roberts and others that the US spent $5 Billion overthrowing Ukraine’s government are gross distortions.

These are facts. I am also biased. But the above thing are facts. Here are my opinions:

Ukraine is a culture trying to defend itself by establish a state. Russia is a state trying to find legitimacy by enforcing a uniform culture (ie obliterating the local cultures of conquered peoples).

Russia is a fake people and a fake culture. Czar Peter I of Muskovy gave the name “Russian” too all the diverse people he conquered — slavs, Turkiks, Tartars, Asians, Finno Ugrics. The stole the legacy Kievan Rus which was located in Ukraine 300 before Moscow even existed.

So Czar Peter stole the name for his conquered people from Ukraine, and he stole the flag from Holland, where he studied.

He, and subsequent “Russian” leaders have had to aggressive edit history, destroying, editing, hiding ancient cronicals to create a single polity. It has been failing miserably for 200 years, which is why they’ve needed to murder all those millions of people, but that doesn’t work either.

Russia’s main exports are tyranny and misery. Kim Il Sung, Mao, Castro — all trained in Russia.

5 thoughts on “Facts Vs Opinions (from a Youtube discussion where I was accused of being biased)

  1. Julian

    I caught your interview on the Corbett Report. Certainly you are sincere and express a genuine nationalist Ukrainian perspective. I also understand you are a libertarian oriented intellectual and writer and speak with passion about the history and cultural tensions between Ukraine and Russia. These things make your posts informative and interesting.

    It seems from here however is that there is a steady and obvious fabric of lies and manipulation from the Ukrainian oligarch government and it’s US and associated business interests. The pattern of “color revolutions” operating as CIA fronts with paid snipers shooting at both sides in a conflict (Maidan) is well established and supported by the forensic data. Video footage from Odessa makes it clear that mass murder was staged and supported by elements within the Ukrainian security apparatus. The mass of data regarding MH 17 points to a false flag event concocted at the highest levels. Russia releases satellite and radar data that contradict the US State Department. Our response is “social media” and evasions even though we had a satellite directly over the event. The combination of immediate finger pointing by our politicians without supporting technical data tells the tale very clearly.

    So I’m puzzled by your responses which seem determined to ignore these things. That article from the Moscow Times was very weak being a report of some Ukrainian government position. Add in the struggle of the Oligarchs to control eastern Ukrainian gas fields (a la baby Biden) and the shelling of civilian areas that appears to be occurring by the Ukrainian army and it seems pretty clear. This war waged against the east is collapsing with tremendous economic and personal hardship increasingly falling on the Ukrainian people. Do you really support the policies and “good faith” of the current Ukrainian government?

    Thank you and honestly good luck with a challenging life chapter.


    1. Roman

      The evidence doesn’t support your ideas that 1. this was a CIA operation 2. snipers were western agents 3. MH17 4. Odesa.

      I don’t ignore any of these issues. I’ve written about all them pretty exhaustively.

      I’ve written about them on this blog and in my essay, “Putin’s Libertarians.” I break down a lot of the evidence there.

      Thanks for the good wishes, Shy Turtle. ;)

      1. Julian

        Thank you for your reply. I do appreciate the effort and energy you are putting into this blog site.

        On one hand it would be useful to get a brief overview (or list of your own past posts that address the same) as to your thinking on those three general points raised, (1 and 3 are the same). I am mindful however this is asking you to do extra work for little return. It’s likely I would not agree and at the end of the day we’d very likely reach the conclusion that reasonable people can disagree and still remain reasonable. Nothing reasonable about the human toll of suffering and destruction that is going on of course. I am profoundly grieved that this is falling on the people of the Ukraine once again.

        The discussion of MH 17 is further complicated by what I consider to be an entirely rational suspicion of the US government. The failure of the US to offer anything beyond “social media” when the Russian’s have disclosed satellite data is pretty damning. Ditto on the ongoing failure to produce the control tower tapes or even acknowledge their importance.


        It’s hard to maintain an “open mind” beyond a certain point in the face of this stuff.

        So once again I appreciate your spirit and first person observations. It certainly seems that the current war will go badly for the government in Kiev and the cost in human suffering and economic dislocation is likely to be severe. Not a happy prospect for the coming winter.

        Be safe over there.


        1. walt

          Julian you are right, and the worst part was that the CIA had agents at the MH 17 crash site riight after the shoot down. The CIA agents were dressed like the separatist rebels and stole rings and personal belongings frrom the victims, IN FRONT OF CAMERA WIELDING WESTERN JOURNALISTS, all this to discredit the seperatist.


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