4 thoughts on “Fake Libertarian Putin Quotes Circulating on FB

  1. Beauregard

    What value is posting such vitriol?


    Where is plan or what is your plan if Kiev is attacked?

    Do you plan to stay?

    ———————– // ——————-

    America with a “free market” is a great place to
    do business. Unless you charge more than your
    competitors, because people will go to them and
    you’ll go out of business. And unless you charge
    the same as your competitors, in which case you
    risk being charged with anti-trust price fixing by
    the government. And heaven forbid you should
    charge less, as you’ll be accused of trying to get an
    anti-competitive monopoly, as Amazon and Walmart
    are often attacked for, and the media will excoriate
    you for not charging more to give your employees
    higher wages and benefits. But as long as you
    remember not to do these three things, you’ll be
    fine. Robert Hall

    1. Roman

      I don’t see myself leaving. Not in the face of Russian aggression, anyway. They thrive on fear. It’s all they have, really.


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