Family moments

Feedback from my son

* During bedtime stories, some Roald Dahl story mentioned a teacher being the most beautiful woman in the world. My son interrupted and said, “no mama is the most beautiful.”

* Once, in the park, we saw some father yelling at his already-crying son. My son said “he is crying because his father is yelling at him.” “Yes,” I said. Then, I was proud to hear my son add: “You don’t yell at me like that, you just tell me the truth about things.”

* My son said that when he’ll have children I’ll be a grandfather, and he said that I’ll be the type of grandfather that does not give candy.

Such a girl

* It’s difficult to describe but my 14 month old daughter seems extremely girlish in comparison to her brother. The difference in startling. Where my son always wanted to do thing with a lot of physicality, she just want to be present in the group and command attention. She often beams with happiness from some attention she gets, though tries to hide it too. Often times when you pick her up, she’ll take some time to survey the room, very content for having the commanding vantage point and my attention. After a moment she’ll point somewhere and make a sound, commanding me to go there.