5 thoughts on “Fantastic overview of post-Soviet Ukrainian literature

  1. Ed K

    It was said above:
    “I hate to admit it, but this article seems to futher
    support one of Nietzsche many aphorisms: That
    writing is a discipline for the weak and embattled.

    So, you are suffering from latent battle fatigue?

    Need to Climb Mt. Mitchell?


    Or somewhat nearer to your sister:


    If you want to get away from civilization consider this
    named after and dedicated to a poet:


    And if you want something in sight of your sister’s, consider:


    Remember the air is free in North Carolina…

    And you could probably find free fire wood in sticks…

    Of course you might find a bear or mountain lion.
    Understand that officially there are no mountain lions
    in the southern Appalachian Mountains, that is until
    you actuall see one.

    The Carolina panters feature a black cat head, and
    there are many reasons for them to do so. The long
    tail cats in North Carolina are indeed black.

    How fast can you run or climb a tree?

    1. Roman

      In the Army, I could do a six-minute mile, or a six-thirty pace on the “Army ten miler”, but I gave up distance running to preserve my joints.

      I might climb Pilot Mountain when I’m in NC. :)

      1. Ed K

        May I suggest that at your age it is not the 6 miles
        that may cause joint issues rather it is the type surface.

        May I assure you that the conditioning is of most importance.

        If you run 5 or miles on soft surface such as grass, beach
        sand, rather than concrete or asphalt the any damage will
        be from age not running.

        And at your age you should be in condition to occasionally do
        marathon length runs.

        I could do such when I was your age. And my youngest
        brother can still do it.

        Real conditioning just might improve your outlook and opinions.

        So at your age, think of 5 to 6 miles at least 4 times a week and
        maybe 5 or 6.

        So with correct selection of surface, your joints should be ok until
        you are 70, that is all I can attest to. I have not had any joint
        replacements nor am I a candidate. You have been reading too
        much liberal gobbledygook.

        Actually running and vigorous conditioning at your age should
        give you stronger joints. The stress causes bone and tissue
        development, not loss.

        Maybe you need a running partner? In my area more females
        run today. When I was your age and ran, I was lone wolf. Then
        jogging took hold.

        On another subject did I send or post this already:



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