free books from MTS




The top two photos are from Lviv, the third is from Kyiv.  The cellular company allowed people to browse these virtual book shelves and scan QR codes with their smart phones to download free virtual books.  Very cool.  Very hip.

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  1. Ed K

    Thank you for some Ukrainian postings.
    ——————— // ————————–
    Warnings issued:

    “Al-Qaeda ‘targeting European rail network’:

    “Al-Qaeda is plotting attacks on Europe’s
    high-speed rail network, German mass circulation
    daily Bild reported on Monday, citing
    intelligence sources.

    “The extremist group could plant explosives
    on trains and tunnels or sabotage tracks and
    electrical cabling, said Bild, Europe’s most
    widely read daily.

    Danger for rail travelers in Europe. Keep in
    mind that islamic extremist do not value human
    life rather would kill any and all non believers
    to include women and children.

    Such a hazard would then include students and
    health care workers. Is Ukraine in Europe? Think!


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