Freedom of Press Protest in Moscow Denied Permit

The planned march for freedom of the press on April 13th has been denied a permit on the desired route and the Moscow authorities have suggested an alternative (much shorter) route. Courageous reporting by Dozhd (TV Rain):

3 thoughts on “Freedom of Press Protest in Moscow Denied Permit

  1. walt

    on your Bulgarian money system article, the comment link does not work so I will post here.

    Perhaps a “money board ” that controlls banking is not popular is becasue it would reduce speculation in loans particularly in real estate and thus depress prices. You would have to earn money by producing something, instead of getting a profit just from speculation.

    1. Roman

      I don’t think it’s a matter of depressing prices of speculative assets versus NOT depressing prices. It’s a trade off. Send money here or send money there.

      The Austrian view, of which I’m an adherent, sees the STUFF in society as the wealth, and the money as the neutral medium of exchange. So adding money through fractional reserve lending doesn’t change the wealth of society, but it changes who gets the wealth.

      In his book, “The Ethics of Money Production”, Guido Hulsmann make a similar point and elaborates that in a fiat system, societies aristocrats will be the people with the closest connection to the central bank. In a disciplines system like gold (or, perhaps a “money board”, though less so) societies aristocrats will have to be people who at least produce things.


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