From Kyiv with Love

Missed my train to L’viv. Afer a brief search for the proper platform, I arrived just as my trai departed.

Partial refund on the ticket. Next train at 1:20am.

I’m now sitting in McDonalds browsing via Kinde.

When I get back, I plan to write and work like my life depends on it.

2 thoughts on “From Kyiv with Love

  1. Ed K


    As I recall you posted diagram of Lviv airport. Have you now made map of Kviv Railroad Terminal with platform identifications in English, Ukrainian and Russian?

    Have you taken pictures of platforms so that your can recognize them? Are you just trying to confuse that Ukrainian secret agent following you? I can see his report at their headquarters. He tried to fool me, but did not suceed.

    Just imagine, what if you took train to Donets’k?

    “If at first you don’t succeed, Parachuting is probably not for you!”

    Ed K

  2. Roman

    Secret agents don’t need to follow me. I’d happily invite them over for coffee.

    No photos, only this description: At the Kyiv train station, platform #1 is separate from all the others. I did not realize this. You go downstairs to reach platform #1. For all the others, you go up to an elevated passage from which you can descent onto the various other platforms. That’s what messed me up.

    If I took the train to Donets’k, I’d probably try to get in touch with the family of Kyiv-based Donets’k native who’s become my dear friend — an entrepreneur.


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