Full Scale Invasion Starting?

@LarsGyllenhaal · 55m

THIS IS WHAT I CALL TIMING: “Russian airborne troops complete formation of peacekeeping force”: http://en.itar-tass.com/russia/746175 hat tip to @oplatsen


@EastOfBrussels · 52m

While #Germany’s #Merkel pressures #Ukraine to surrender to #Russia, #Putin’s troops and fake aid trucks continue their invasion. #putin


@StateOfUkraine · 52m

Big fear in #Ukraine: Russian proxies may attack ‘aid’ convoy, blame Ukraine & give #Russia pretext to openly ramp up it’s military invasion


@carlbildt · 52m

Looks like “aid convoy” now breaking into Ukraine following units of 76th Airborne Division. Full scale attempt to secure key areas.


@EastOfBrussels · 19m

And so #Russia’s war pretext begins: explosions around invading fake “aid” convoy reported (unconfirmed) #ukraine #putin #georgia


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