2 thoughts on “Happy 24th Birthday, Ukraine

    1. Andrii Drozda

      Ed, the difference is I’m not a poet. I had written some few short poems in my early student years but since I’ve realized that Ukraine has too many poets today and I never will be the best, I gave up of this crap of writing poetry.
      There are a lot of very good poets and the same number of bad ones (but still well-known as poetry-writers) in Ukraine. This is some kind of national hobby, you know.
      So, I like prose much more than poetry but that group of Ukrainian poets in USA who found themselves in emigration just afrer the WW2 is very interesting for me as an issue for the research.
      Because they had to find a brand new language for their poetry – I’m talking about a style, of course, not some unknown language in general. Ukrainian traditional poetry language was too old-fashioned for them. And diaspora ghetto was too conservative to accept some new experiments in poetry. So, this new group was neglected in Ukrainian community. And at the same time their contemporaries in America – Beat Generation and the other rebels against consumerism and Cold war threat were strange for those young Ukrainian poets because beatniks and alot of young American poets in 1950-60-s were very much leftists and post-modernists.
      So, that’s my subject.


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