Head of Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Church on the EU vs Europe, and the EU’s gender ideology

Head of the UGCC, Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) said that Ukrainians have a quite traditional position on gender issues which is a significant barrier to EU integration.

“Ukraine rejects the false values of gender ideology, though it could be a barrier to accession to the European Union.”

The Patriarch of Ukraine have also emphasized the difference between the EU and the true Europe. “The European Union – this is not Europe – said the Patriarch. – The EU can exist without Ukraine, but Europe will be incomplitable without Ukraine.”

In addition, the Patriarch Sviatoslav expressed hope that the Christian Ukraine “can become an impulse for the awakening of secularized Europe.”


7 thoughts on “Head of Ukraine’s Greek Catholic Church on the EU vs Europe, and the EU’s gender ideology

      1. Mouton Noir

        Well, may be we have to define first what is a “gender ideology”. The two links you have provided talk about gender equality. That’s quite different. By “gender ideology” I understand “gender theories”, which was at the origin of so many debates in France.
        Does I misunderstand the position of Ukraine’s greek catholic Church ?

  1. Beauregard

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    1. Roman


      I think you commented on the wrong post, but either way, I’m remaining silent on this one. :-)

  2. elmer

    well, his statement has me puzzled.

    It is in the Catholic Observer.

    And generally it says that the Ukrainian Catholic Church supports, and has always supported, Ukraine.

    And that Ukraine is fighting for European values.

    Then he throws in a stupid sentence about “gender ideology.”

    What the heck is gender ideology?

    Europe long ago learned about separation of church and state. It was a hard-won lesson.

    And it’s nice to see that Bishop Shevchuk and the Ukrainian Catholic Church like European values.

    But the throwaway sentence about gender ideology – what the heck is that?

    1. Roman

      I think feminism and the rest of the egalitarian cult is the new communism. They are cultural marxists, and the ideology is pervasive in the “Cathedral” of media, politics and academia.


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