1. Beauregard

    The big news story* yesterday in Canada was the multiple

    beheadings of randomly-chosen pedestrians on the streets

    of Ottawa and Montreal. Prior to those attacks, the Islamic

    State had warned the Canadian government that Canadian

    civilians would be randomly targeted on the streets, just as

    they had planned in Australia.


    see * below


    No, these aren’t real news stories. This post is a spoof.

    However, the beginning of the quoted article is loosely

    based on the wording of a Fox News story (hat tip Fjordman)

    about the Atlantic commander’s warning to soldiers not

    to wear their uniforms in public in the wake of the murders

    of soldiers in Montreal and Ottawa.

    ———————— // ————————

    1. Roman

      I’ve come to believe that you cannot have multiculturalism without a police state. Mutiple cultures living together denegrate the social norms and social signals which normally substitute for the heavy hand of government law enforcement.

      This was the concluson of Robert Putnam, a Harvard political scientist, who ran a five year study hoping to show the blessings of multiculturalism.



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