3 thoughts on “Pro-Russians convince Ukrainian national guard to give up weapons

  1. caaps02

    The youtube title for this video is “National Guard disarmed” (i.e. this video shows Ukrainian National Guard being disarmed by a bunch of guys).

  2. walt

    Any thoughts out there on the following;

    Quote below is a comment response to this video link of todays Right Sector “mobilization” statement. What do you think? Ligimate argument or anti-Ukrainian and anti-freedom trolling.

    video link http://euromaidanpr.com/2014/04/12/appeal-of-the-right-sector-leader-dmytro-yarosh-to-the-people-of-ukraine/#comments

    Start of Quote;
    Then I saw this video.

    I saw this this guy, his clothes, the red-white-black flag and what he said. Apparently Euromaidan has no issues getting in bed with such people. A friendly note: If Ukraine was a EU member this guy would be hunted down, and all of his supporters too. Traitors will be executed, hu? Death penalty is illegal in the EU. And those people want Ukraine in the EU? What are they up to?

    No I just have to wait what Russia Today will make of this recording.
    Reply ↓ , whereas, pro Ukrainian, pro freedom comments
    End of Quote


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