How badly does Ukraine need gun ownership?

One of the owners of the L’viv-based, multi-million dollar video game company, Nravo, was murdered by a knife-attack in the entrance to his home. The perpetrator didn’t take any money.


Dear Ukrainians, it is neither democracy nor law-abidingness which creates a wealthy society. Hell, most of what the Bolsheviks did was in accordance with the laws they themselves passed. A wealthy society arises when there are property rights.

3 thoughts on “How badly does Ukraine need gun ownership?

  1. Ed K

    Ever heard of Dodge City?

    Maybe time to get out of Dodge?

    Have you sent article to Darla?

    “[Lenin’s collected writings] reveal in detail a man with iron will,
    self-enslaving self-discipline, scorn for opponents and obstacles,
    the cold determination of a zealot, the drive of a fanatic, and the
    ability to convince or browbeat weaker persons by his singleness
    of purpose, imposing intensity, impersonal approach, personal
    sacrifice, political astuteness, and complete conviction of the
    possession of the absolute truth. His life became the history of
    the Bolshevik movement.” Biographer Louis Fischer, 1964.[181


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