1. Beauregard

    Czech President Calls For Arming Citizens
    to Defend Against Terrorism


    Czech President Miloš Zeman has completely
    reversed his stance on gun control in light of
    the recent terrorist attacks in Europe, calling
    for a new law that would allow citizens to be
    armed to defend themselves against jihadists.

    Having previously been against private gun
    ownership, Zeman now says “citizens should
    arm themselves” to deal with the threat of

    “Condemning terror attacks is easy, the only
    solution is doing away with the causes,”
    said Zeman.

    1. admin Post author

      Eastern Europe can have a bright future. They understand the weakness of the west and the danger of the east. their big challenge is learning from the west and improving their justice system and reducing corruption.

      I suppose the jury is still on on whether the extended family cultures of eastern/southern Europe can ever be as honest and just as the nuclear family cultures of North Sea Europe.


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