I dreamt I was training my Ukrainian friends in infantry tactics.

It took place in the Catskills, where I spent my childhood summers. I remember my brazilian jiu jitsu friends were there. I preparing fire team lanes.


  1. Ed K

    Face the truth, your opportunity in Ukraine has passed…

    Whereas, getting involved in right thinking campaign in USA
    may have given you contacts with money to send guns to Ukraine…

    Where are heirs to Cossack ways? Offer meaningful ways to
    combat Yanukovich thugs.

    I only see scripted postings, not analysis of ways to thwart Yanukovich.

    Time to develop master plan of counter attack with funding.

    Consider kidnapping thugs and those who let them infiltrate. Time to
    put them to work on road building chain gangs.

    Waiting for tomorrow is too late. Even today may be too late.

  2. Ed K

    “A civilized people has no moral obligation to be plunged
    into darkness by allowing civilization to be replaced by a
    barbarous tyranny rather than respond in kind to the
    savagery of the barbarians attacking it.”
    Robert Hall


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