I just recorded a television show for channel 2 Lviv

There were four of us at the table. I was introduced as a former US paratrooper officer.

The three of them insisted we must war for Crimea . . . because . . . we are one nation — some populist nonsense like that. They were also against gun ownership because, they said, Ukrainian society is not ready.

I was against warring for Crimea and in favor of gun ownership.

I also made the point that Russia’s internal divisions would be stronger when foreign military aren’t helping Ukraine and that the west is trying to create an enemy of Russia in order to influence them in support of the petro-dollar.

The show will air at 22:20 tonight.


#‎Lviv‬ television appearance: I spoke against warring for ‪#‎Crimea‬ & for gun ownership. The three others were for war but against guns – wtf!?