I Love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Contrary to what you might glean from the unfortunate acronym “BJJ.” It’s a real sport with real competition.

You can train more/less safely at full intensity. Unlike in running or lifting weights, you can’t tell yourself little white lies about exhaustion and ease up — not without consequences. So we go hard. The mirrors get steamed up by end of every training session. It’s insane. Another consequence of real competition is that unlike in many martial arts, the space between theory and practice is tight. Bullshit gets exposed.

I love that some of our guys train with us because they fight in mixed martial arts (further testimony to the efficacy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). I love that I’m knowledgeable enough to make them better fighters, even the strong ones whom I can no longer submit on the mat. I love being able to take Curt to back-ally cage fights, point and say, that’s my guy right there. And then watch him win. When we went a couple weeks ago, 3 out of 4 of my guys won all their fights. All of them grappled.

I like that it keeps you humble too. Everyone says this about BJJ guys. Because we get tapped out, we get choked, inevitably by people whom we consider not as good as us. You can only proceed in the sport with big chunks of your ego left behind.

I think there’s also something about complicated muscle movements which makes parts of the brain flourish. I usually leave training feeling high on life — of course, once in a while, I leave depressed, thinking I haven’t learned a single goddamn thing — zero, zilch, nada — in my 6+ years of practice.

Here’s my favorite article on BJJ: http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/the-pleasures-of-drowning

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  1. beauregard

    The Will to Fell. By Mark Steyn

    Excerpt: Today marks the 25th anniversary of the fall
    of the Berlin Wall. It did not fall, of course. It was felled.
    It was felled by ordinary East German men and women
    who decided they were not willing to spend the rest of
    their lives in a large prison pretending to be a nation.

    On the other side of the wall – the free side – far too many
    westerners were indifferent to the suffering of the east
    (Steyn does a super job here, bringing back an important
    history, and blasting off the fog of sentimentalism about
    what really didn’t happen, putting the spotlight on what
    really did happen, and who made it happen. Really an
    important thing to remember, that sometimes it takes
    a few good men (& women) to stand up from the complacent
    crowd and fearlessly unfurl a banner that screams for the
    truth to be seen and the evil to be fought. Seems we need
    more of that right now. –Del)

    from: http://tartanmarine.blogspot.com/2014/11/todays-interesting-political-news-and.html


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