2 thoughts on ““I’m a Russian soldier”

  1. Ed K

    Why is Asian heritage a joke?

    Understand that Russia goes to Pacific coast which is in Asia?

    That over the centuries tribes, groups, nations and individuals traversed
    what we call Russia that is occasionally referred to as Siberia. Some of
    those guys were of Asian heritage.

    Have you ever heard of Mongol and Tartar invasions? Understand that
    the Tartars were of two ethnicities. There were what was called white
    tartars, that is Caucasian and also mongoloid tartars. Please do some ethnic
    history before calling a guy with eastern ethnic heritage a joke.

    Have you considered that he is from Finnish area of Russia? Maybe
    Eskimo heritage.

    Would you believe that some Ukrainian groups have some among them who
    have what you call Asia appearance?

    Have you considered that Russia even shares some border with Korea?
    China? Mongolia?

    1. Roman

      Yes, it’s true. There are some Mongolian traits among Ukrainian people. I guess I’m in tune to how the far-right press in the US (whom I often agree with) celebrate Putin as being pro-nationalist, in contrast to the EU who Peter Sutherland of the World advised to “undermine” European ethnicity through mass immigration. So the far-right press has been celebrating Putin as a refuge for nationalism, but his is also a multi-ethnic empire. Only 80% of residents consider themselves Russian, that’s as low as the most immigration-hit countries of W Europe — Holland and France.


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