I’m losing money by using ATMs. Bitcoin to the rescue?

So there’s this great website which shows the USD to UAH “commercial” (read “black market”) rate: http://kurs.com.ua/ua/lvov.

So the official bank rate is 16.4 and the “commercial” rate is 20.8. A pathetic 79% of the actual rate.

But it gets worse. When I use Ukrainian ATM to draw from my American Bank account, the exchange rate is only 15.8! 76% of the actual rate.

One thought on “I’m losing money by using ATMs. Bitcoin to the rescue?

  1. Beauregard

    So why are you using ATM’s?

    I thought you were making big bucks?

    Have your mother send you packages from this side.

    Have her send books with $ page markers via Meest. Books
    get thru. Ask my friend Alex in Ternopil. He loves USA
    best sellers. His daughters like the stuff that comes with
    the books.

    I suspect most places would accept US $’s.

    Have somebody from St. Georges get HA in New York City
    and send you some CARE packages. They make vodka in
    New Jersey. Become a bootlegger and grow rich.


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