1. Ed K

    1. Great to get report. Were any from Ternopil
    National Economic University? which has a new
    rector or from the Technical Institute?

    2. I could not get power point to download.

    3. addenda:

    Glass House Rules:

    if you claim you did nothing wrong on Benghazi,
    but won’t release emails revealing what happened,
    you’re probably lying. by Ken Gardener

    —————— // ——————–
    Earlier today[Wednesday, 08 May 2013] three men of principle,
    of morals, of values, of conscience, of courage, of sense of duty
    and loyalty to comrades and country, spoke about the murders
    of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in
    Benghazi, Libya, on 11 September 2012.

    Before Congress and under oath, Mark Thompson, Eric Nordstrom,
    and Greg Hicks, who know what happened, told the truth. And their
    truth is nothing like the “truth” told, under oath before Congress,
    by Hillary Clinton – the Secretary of State in office and on duty at the
    time of the murders.

    —————– // ————————-

    1. Roman

      No. No one from academia — academics are usually last to catch new trends. They are intellectual rent-seekers trying to hold back progress and innovation.

      Not sure what’s wrong with the download. Works find for me and other people have downloaded it as well.

  2. elmer

    Saying that Plast is a local youth organization is like saying that the Boy Scouts are a local youth organization.

    Plast is the Ukrainian Boy Scouts. And Girl Scouts.

    Ukrainian Scouting exists all over the world.

  3. Ed K1981


    It is great to see your comments.

    Methinks that Roman spends too much time
    looking for such ladies as in video, rather that accepting
    partnership with equally able lady.



    While he writes of free markets, boys who stopped smiling,
    pretending of being entrepreneur he does not accept historical
    obligations rather has succumbed to his ideal of political

    Ed K

    1. Ed K


      I sincerely respect your achievements.

      I occasionally look at obituaries and when I do, I see
      those younger than me going…

      I have other family members who about your age refuse
      to listen to my comments. But if I say or write nothing,
      what then?

      I look back and can say that I was influenced by but a few.

      Most of what you have done is great. Way above the street.

      Actually I do not expect you to take my advice, few do.

      I tried to get some academics in Ternopil to attend your
      presentation. Why do I try? If I do not try, who will?

      If I do not get after you, who will?

      You want only ‘yes man’ comments?

      You are better than that, yes?

      Ed K


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