IRI Public Opinion Survey Residents of Ukraine March 14–26

A lot has changed in the last month which probably influenced people’s perceptions. Nevertheless, data on important questions is always fascination.

the report:,%20March%2014-26,%202014.pdf

Some highlights:

Join the EU?
53% for, 28% against
east – 22% for, 55% against

Russian Speakers under pressure?
85% no, 12% yes
east – 74% no, 17% yes

Support Russian sending Army to protect Russian-Speakers?
81% no, 13% yes
east – 61% no, 24% yes
ethnic Russian – 43% no, 43% yes

Join NATO?
34% for, 44% against
east – 14% for, 67% against

Crimea should be
71% – autonomous republic or oblast within Ukraine
8% – part of Russia

3 thoughts on “IRI Public Opinion Survey Residents of Ukraine March 14–26

  1. walt

    the 19 minute mark of the above video, the genocide and ethinic cleansing that occured in Ukraine was then filled with russians. Some say forget the past, some say remember the past. Giving up on the east is giving up on the past.


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