Is this guy an idiot or a professional propagandist? Arguing with a “libertarian” on Facebook.

Some of his statements seem not like spontaneous discourse, but carefully worded propaganda of marginal relevance of the conversation, ie. cut and a pasted.

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5 thoughts on “Is this guy an idiot or a professional propagandist? Arguing with a “libertarian” on Facebook.

  1. walt

    Quote from article about internet probagada adn trolls,

    ” A libertarian take on Crimea and self-determination

    Frankly, if the Constitution and Bill of Rights could be restored, I would not argue with the premise that a modern state could in fact reflect the consent of the governed. As it is, however, the United States government is operating far outside any parameters of implicit consent given by the American people who recognize our founding documents as the law of the land.

    Crimea, on the other hand, has garnered nearly unanimous consent for the government it has chosen. Two weeks ago, Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine. Yesterday, 82% of Crimea’s eligible voters voted 96% to join Russia, if Russia will so allow. This is the closest thing to the consent of every sovereign citizen in that territory that I can imagine actually happening. Even in my anarcho-capitalist society, there would be decisions of government* that would reflect compromise rather than unanimity–surely that would be the norm.”

  2. walt

    And another ” libertarian ” has this ;

    Letter to the American People on Ukraine

    Alexander Dugin

    April 27, 2014

    In this difficult hour of serious trouble on our Western borders,…..


    There are trolls everywhere, don’t think they don’t read or respond to your digital brodacasting. But trolls are just one method they use, see;

  3. walt

    and from todays “Catcher in the Lie” blog;

    ” I know Pat Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis has a fetish about identities. If he takes notable negative exception to something you’ve posted and you do so anonymously, he will call you out and ask for your name, rank and serial number. Why would that be important to the Colonel? It’s what the person is…what they represent by their words that matters most, not their personal identity.

    It’s easy for a former head of human intelligence to reveal his identity without repercussions but for us proles, we don’t have the luxury of special forces kill squad comrades at our disposal if someone says something we find offensive and we no longer want them to walk the Earth. ”

  4. Roman

    I address this pretty directly in an interview on the “Corbett Report” which I’ll post soon.

    1. Ed K

      Regarding the infowars letter, it is well written. In fact too
      well written. It leaves out information that we know and

      Ukrainians are not Russians. Maybe they were part of
      Catherine’s empire, but that is not the issue that determines

      Because a people were part of an old empire and subsequent
      dynasties does not mean that is where they wanted to be.
      What the writer(s) of that article fail to discuss is the Holodomor.
      What is not discussed is the terror and coercion used by Russia
      in its various mutations to maintain control of Ukrainians.

      The article fails to discuss the use of re-population of certain
      areas by different ethnicities intended to dilute the native
      Ukrainians and Tatars.

      As to language, Ukrainian is not Russian although Russian
      may have the same source. Even Russian speaking Ukrainians
      as a general population understand that they are not Russian.
      Language is not the binding force.

      He fails to discuss the current thuggery and violence being
      used by Yanukovich and his Russian masters.


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