4 thoughts on “Israel Announces Massive Land Grab in West Bank

  1. walt

    IfIsrael and the middle east did not exist, then russia would be peaceful and not attack Ukraine?

    Except for Canada and Australia no big western country is credible. Try attacking germany maybe.

  2. Beauregard


    Russia, aka, Putin would attack Ukraine.

    He will attack Baltic countries, one by one.

    He dreams of the empire of Catherine the Great.

    He dreams of Soviet empire.

    This is not going to stop at the two eastern Ukraine Oblast.

  3. banderiwets

    “The United States has expended all its credibility supporting Israel and fighting its enemies. Because of this, Europe has become unstable, the post-war order has fallen apart.”

    More Islamist garbage. The part of the West Bank being settled by Israelis was empty to begin with. So I guess the United States has lost credibility for supporting us against Russia?

    1. Roman

      “The part of the West Bank being settled by Israelis was empty to begin with.”

      You realize that earlier Israel claimed there were no Palestinians at all. That the land was entirely desolate. Their propaganda is as audacious as the Kremlin’s.

      There’s plenty of testimony from Israeli soldiers and Ben Gurion himself of ethnic cleansing — wiping out entire villages of Palestinians to make way for Israel.


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