Israel Shamir’s Soviet Analysis of the Protests

“their modern identity centred around their support for Hitler during the WWII, accompanied by the ethnic cleansing of their Polish and Jewish neighbours. ”

This is Soviet-turned-Russian propaganda. A lot of Western Ukrainian partisants died fighting the Nazis, they were only allies until 1941 when the Nazis refused to allow for the creation of a Ukrainian state.

Also, the Galacian SS division formed in 1943 after it was completely clear that the Nazis were going to lose the war. They formed with two stipulations: 1- they’d only fight the Bolsheviks. 2- they’d be the only SS division to have priests.

The latter point is relevant b/c the first thing the Russians did when they arrived in 1939 was slaughter all the priests and deport all the seminary students. A half-million Western Ukrainians are estimated to have been deported from 1939-41.

Israel Shamir mentions nothing about this, nor about more severe Bolshevik oppressions.

Incidentally, the battles between Ukrainian partisans and Nazi armies have been struck from the curriculum by the Russians in Kyiv.

But we know they happened. The curiously named “Yaroslav Skaskiw” was killed in such a battle:


Thanks, fnn for finding this earlier story by Shamir (, in which he argues that communist atrocities in Cambodia and Ukraine never happened.