It is translated!

They were closed for an “archival day” but she had a connection and got us in to have a lady check our documents. The lady studied the one page document for a full minute, holding it close to her squinting face.

“The problem is this: it needs to be translated and the translation needs to be certified,” she said. She sort of leaned back in her chair, relieved, no doubt, that she wouldn’t be required to do any actual work this moment.

I looked at her with such a dead expression that she asked whether I understood Ukrainian. I told her it was translated. Every other line was in Ukrainian. We argued briefly about whether or not it was translated. Eventually, she realized it was.

To her great relief, however, she found a problem with the translation of my passport. It needed to show the page with my last entrance stamp to Ukraine. I needed to have it re-translated and re-notarized.


  1. Ed K

    It is great narrative, now to put parts one
    and two into a scribing for publication.

    So imagine if I tried. Notwithstanding I have
    a second cousin(s) that that I have met and
    had dinner with in Ternopil.

    Want to know my problems? Ask Roman
    Nakonechny of Ternopil who works with Oblast
    about his ancestry. From the left bank to Poland
    and now Ternopil.

    Unlike you I do not understand Ukrainian.
    My mother was of the Passaic, New Jersey
    Ukrainian community. Roman’s father would
    be her first cousin.

    As for my last name, it was changed
    at least four times. But my brother has tracked
    down my grandfather’s birth place as Vilna,
    Russia. When the communists took over that
    part of the Soviet Union they systematically
    destroyed most family birth records.

    That destruction included civil public records and
    church records. So unlike you, I suspect that I
    cannot trace his heritage officially.

    Glad you could prove your heritage. Your
    persistence has paid off.

    Since you like to stand in lines, get a blue tooth
    digital recorder and dictate while on line. Maybe
    they will think you are nuts and allow you to get

    Then get the voice to document software. We
    would like more than keyboard work.

    Your stories are great, just need more of them.

    Ed K

  2. Roman

    Thanks, Ed. I’m trying to balance writing with entrepreneurship. Once a couple little ventures of mine are up and running, I plan to do more writing.


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