It seems like an empty Facebook profile was tracking me.

I sent this to a few dozen friends:

Hello. I’m writing to you about Facebook profile “xxxxx xxxxxx”. 30 of his 100 friends seem to be mutual friends with me. This includes you. I think it’s a Russian profile used to track me because I’m a person of interest (journalist and American businessman) in Ukraine. I don’t post anything secret on Facebook. All my posts are global. But nevertheless, please consider unfriending him.

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  1. Beaureard

    This is one reason why I do not use facebook nor twitter.

    I have told all many times anything posted to internet not
    only can be tracked but is tracked.

    Yes CIA, Russia, China but all governmental agencies.

    Add to that Google, Yahoo, Bing, et etc.

    With your background, internet security is not your only
    issue. Your life and now that of your addition is big time
    at risk.

    Grasp now you are endangering others… a fact. I will not
    dwell on illustrations and examples, but suffice to say fact.

    Because they say they accept risk does not absolve your culpability.

    I would say you are high on list of targets. Kapish?


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