8 thoughts on “It seems more people are noticing that Daniel McAdams is a professional propagandist for Russia.

  1. Julian

    Hello Roman,

    “Turtle” here. I wonder if you have an reaction to this page by American Everyman. Are the reports of severe battlefield losses in the East correct? Are you seeing signs of unrest with regards to the government’s war policies?


    Secondly, do you feel this US State Department spokesperson is credible? If the US has definitive information of a Russian incursion why does she use the word “likely” designed to support a later escape route? Her explanation is very strange, as is the fact she formerly worked at the CIA.


    If you feel the western alt media has really fallen for Russian propaganda I hope you’ll reach out again to James Corbett and discuss the possibility of coming back on again. Have a look at his recent piece called Crashes of Convenience that looks at MH 17. Perhaps we could do an open source investigation of the whole Ukrainian war and follow up on your sources and perspective. I believe you are sincere in your views and if your sources are solid this ought to receive greater coverage.

    Thank you,


  2. Jubal

    So you “are obsessed about Putin”, the Estonian twitter “smokes who knows what” and Carl Bildt “forgot his medication”. I see a common theme here: according to McAdams, dissenters suffer some kind of mental disorder. Is McAdams hinting at the re-opening of “mental health clinics” in Siberia?

    I noticed McAdams’ unlibertarian, kremlinoid bias almost two years ago and it’s been clearer and clearer for me as time passed. I was a passionate reader of LRC the past decade, but nowadays it’s not a daily must-read for me anymore and, when I visit it, I disregard any post related to Ukraine, Middle East or anything likely to provide the daily dose of kremlinist propaganda.

    You’re not alone, Roman.

    Best wishes.

    1. Roman

      In the famous interview “Soviet Deception: Demoralization of the West”, Yuri Bezmenov talks about how the Kremlin had long lists of opinion makers all over the world, down to very small organizations.

      It’s pretty easy to see that that’s still happening. Please to see that many of my libertarian friends are abandoning the Ron Paul Institute, Scott Horton, Lew Rockwell. These organization, first and foremost, promote anti-Americanism to make way for Russian expansion.

  3. VS

    The Swedish Mises Institute has started posting several articles and blog posts like these lately:

    Google translated:

    “On May 2 chased an anti-Russian mob into a pro-Russian group of protesters in a building in Odessa, which they then set on fire while they blocked the exits. Some 40 people were burnt or killed when they tried to escape the flames. Right sector was the leader of the mob. The regime in Kiev who hold positions of power along with Svoboda, asserted that it was the protesters themselves who set fire to the building. In fact, filmed the events and were awarded in social media. After the incident on May 2 Kiev intensified its campaign against the pro-Russian regions in southeastern Ukraine. They sent tanks, helicopters, planes and formed a National Guard consisting of members from the Right Sector. As expected, followed a stream of reports on the massacre of civilians, in particular, from Mariupol and Krematorsk. Since May, Kyiv targeted airstrikes against malls, residential buildings, playgrounds, schools, day care centers and hospitals. In addition, Kyiv blocked shipments of medicines and food to the affected areas and by the end of June, the UN reported that 110,000 Ukrainian citizens fled across the border to Russia. We saw something similar from both the Albanian and Serbian side in Kosovo and we saw it when the Chinese invaded Tibet. It usually known as ethnic cleansing.

    But there is also a strong opposition that refuses to give up and that advocates secession from the regime in Kiev. These separatists currently conducts a natural law of self-defense against the aggression which initiated from Kiev, not Moscow. While the regime in Kiev cooperates with Svoboda justifying the Nazi war crimes during World War II are still those fighting for the flag of freedom in the Southeast. Therefore, I give today, after a period ambivalence over Crimea, my wholehearted support to the separatists. Donetsk (Донецк) thing is freedom!”


    I can’t believe what is happening to the libertarian movement.

    1. Roman

      I’ve argued with Nikodemus Ungh pretty bitterly on FB. His only deeply held belief seems to be anti-Americanism.

      Mises Sweden has also interviewed me. Twice, in fact.

    2. Roman

      ps – It’s hard to believe that he isn’t a Kremlin shill. How could any thinking person offer “wholehearted support” to Putin?

      I keep thinking of those long registries of opinion makers, news organizations, journalists that the Kremlin collects.

      1. VS

        Yes, I have been a reader there for a long time. The pure anti-Americanism has already ruined LRC and thiese kinds of articles take more and more place on mises.se too.
        I can not understand why the Swedish Mises, that by the way is more anarcho-capitalist than the American, publish this!

        Why do Libertarians seem so prone to fall for this?

        I heard your interview on the podcast. Good I think.

        By the way, I was in both Kiev and Crimea in March and had the benefit of comparing Russian news to reality. Insane…


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