Jim Traficant on John Demjanjuk

Jim Traficant is a hero. Listen (from 6:15) to how he defended an innocent old Ukrainian auto worker from the Israel Lobby. Traficant’s life was ruined in retribution. (7 years in prison)



Ron Paul on Jim Traficant:

2 thoughts on “Jim Traficant on John Demjanjuk

  1. Ed K

    Interesting set of Youtubes on trusting your government:



    This set of YouTubes demonstrates why governments
    have lost trust.

    It appears to demonstrate evil influence by
    special interest.

    It clearly demonstrates wrong application of
    legal system and failure of media to publicize
    those wrongs.

    Yet, many young people who recognize the problem
    do not demonstrate the courage of Mr. Traficant. Rather
    they run off to hide under mushrooms.

    Audacity, Audacity always Audacity.

    Ed K


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