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Poll: Richer Russian are more supportive of the War

The most overlooked part of Russian literature is of course its poetry. Russia is not so much literature-centered as poetry-centered. Poetry stands in the middle of the Russian sacred literary canon. However, it is largely untranslatable and thus is poorly known in the West

How long will this war go?
Andrey Illarionov used to be Putin’s economic adviser, advocating for liberalisation of Russian economic policies in early 2000s. Later he turned into one of Putin’s most outspoken critics. I very much like his sober, realistic and informed analysis

Last time I discussed Volgograd – the poorest large city in Russia. Today I read a news about relatives of a Volgograd corporal KIA in Ukraine who are fighting over 12 million rubles of compensation. His aunt illegally appropriated all the money, so other relatives are suing her

The war in Ukraine and the regional divergence in Russia
1. It will be a long war
2. Hostilities can be localised or interrupted with ceasefires. Doesn’t matter. The fighting will resume again. And again
3. Contrary to the popular opinion, it will be Russia that breaks first

Great question. My answer:
1. Ethnic republics are super vulnerable. Moscow is much more likely to unhinge violence on them, than on Russian Oblasts. And nobody gonna step up
2. From the minority perspective you must be absolutely cracked to help “liberals” to get into power

Three Faced Icon
Diversity is natural, uniformity is artificial. Whenever you see the uniformity of cultural memes, be it the linguistic map of modern France or the style of Russian icons, you may be sure it is a result of violent homogenisation. Consider this trifacial Trinity from Tobolsk

Brat-2 and the Russian state cult
The CEO of Russian aerospace (& missiles producing) state company Roskosmos Rogozin published this video in his telegram channel РОГОZИН. It may look weird for foreigners but Russians understand this allusion very well (not a thread)