Kevin MacDonald: Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory is “an unrelenting attack on the very essence of Western civilization.”

Only a rare few in the alternative right knew Alexander Dugin before the publication and translation of his book, The Fourth Political Theory, in 2012. Suddenly, the contents of this book became the subject of lively discussion and he was hailed as “arguably the most prominent New Right thinker in the world.” . . .

Through the first pages, I was fairly impressed by Dugin’s laconic treatment of the way liberalism had created the normative conditions for a humanity predisposed toward a world government in its “glorification of total freedom and the independence of the individual from any kind of limits, including reason, identity (social, ethnic, or even gender), discipline, and so on” (18). With the “liberation” of man from any necessary, pre-ordained membership in any community or identity, and the universal morality of human rights widely accepted, few obstacles now stood in the way of a totalitarian global market. . . .

But it soon became apparent that Dugin’s FPT was more than a critique of American hegemony and Atlanticism; it was an unrelenting attack on the very essence of Western civilization. . . .

Dugin defends the Russian people and empire from the perspective of tradition while criticizing the West from the perspective of postmodernism and cultural Marxism. It has escaped the attention of commentators in the alternative right that Dugin relies almost entirely on cultural Marxists in his assessment of liberalism. I don’t think we should take it lightly that he celebrates Karl Marx’s ideas as “tremendously useful and applicable” (50), calls Franz Boas “the greatest American cultural anthropologist” (63), and believes that Levi-Strauss “convincingly showed” that primitive cultures in Africa were as complex and rich as European cultures (109). . . .

He is oblivious to the fact that without Peter the Great’s assimilation of European knowhow in industry, the Russian empire Dugin so admires, and aberrantly identifies with tradition per se, would have disintegrated in the modern era. . . .

He accepts Foucault’s condemnation of the Enlightenment as a carrier of “all the signs of intellectual racism, apartheid, and other totalitarian prejudices” (133). With statements like this Dugin would easily fit into a Western university environment. His depiction of all that is Western as racist and evil combined with his identification of non-Western traditional cultures as authentic, natural, and truthful are no different from the multiculturalist template enforced in academia. We are supposed to believe that the Chinese with their suppressed minorities and official discourse of racial hierarchies, the Russians with their history of breaking national heritages, and the Indians with their filthy caste system are not racist but possessors of healthy empires that should be supported by White nationalists in opposition to American hegemony. . . .

Dugin welcomes postmodernism and envisages its proponents as allies, not enemies, of a common front against Western modernity and liberalism. Postmodernists and cultural Marxists (“New Leftists”) are positively portrayed for their complex attack on the West . . . .

He rejects categorically the concept of nations with ethnic boundaries as a modern idea that works against traditionalism and empires. He envisages a role for White nationalists only within the context of a Europe thoroughly watered down by mass immigration and postmodern diversity where proud European ethnics will somehow find a niche alongside Africans, Asians, and Muslims against American universalism. . . .

The Fourth Political Theory is a theory for Russian geopolitical strategists, not for European ethno nationalists.

5 thoughts on “Kevin MacDonald: Alexander Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory is “an unrelenting attack on the very essence of Western civilization.”

  1. walt

    Guys, you got to read this short article and it’s few comments, all these “Christians, catholic and evangelical-baptist just love holy Putin and Franklin Graham’s future visit there.

    Beauregard, what say your southern Baptist friends?

    Here is one of the more unreal comments, could be a troll, but I think it’s authentic;
    “As a little girl growing up in the 1950s, I was taught all Russians were godless Communists. While I believed the conditions for the Church had gotten better since the Soviet Union had become the Russian Federation, I still assumed that it was little more than tolerated, and that leadership was still firmly atheistic. So you can imagine my surprise when heard either Rick Wiles ( ) or William Koenig say that Vladimir Putin was a devout Orthodox Christian!!! I did some investigating online, and found many articles about Mr. Putin’s faith profession. I also understand that at least one of the reasons Russia was fighting in Syria was to defend Christians there from ISIS genocide. Now, we have this World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians taking place in Moscow. Perhaps Our Lord has other plans for Russia than what I’d always been told. I pray so because I have loved that country for many years, and wanted the best for its people.
    If God can give them a holy leader,

    perhaps he can do the same for America. I’ll be praying for the Christians under such terrible persecution, for Vladimir Putin that God will continue to lead him, and for America that

    we gain a holy president

    who will join Mr. Putin in defending Christians around the world.”

  2. walt

    Roman just tweeted that he noticed a reduction in kremlin trolls, well, the above comment that I pulled out of the Franklin Graham in Moscow article, that comment is probably a kremlin troll and perhaps using NEW more convincing trolling methods.
    I looked up some or this trolls DIQUS history and it is all pro russian. The trolls tag line is,

    If you go to the DIQUS or the comment, (about 15 comments down), on the linked article , you can click on rosewood11 and read the troll history.

  3. walt

    Further update, another REAVEALING !!!!! comment from mentioned troll;
    rosewood11 13 days ago
    “Although I agree that Mr. Trump is the only viable candidate in either party, the problem is that when something appears too good to be true, it usually is. I don’t really fear what he will do as President, but I do fear FOR him. The elites don’t like being challenged, and the trail of bodies of past enemies just keeps getting longer.”

    My comment. is President Trump, should fear not our elites but the kremlin elites, who do have a trail of bodies, including in D.C. They would have most to gain.

    And one more, of many on Disqus;
    rosewood11 16 days ago
    I’d like to suggest that those in America responsible for “picking the color” for their “revolution” consider the internationally recognized color of cowardice–yellow!!! Obviously, they aren’t going to take Mr. Putin on in a fair fight because he will politely clean their clock.
    As far as confronting protesters is concerned, I still have the same question about how Mr. Putin will handle it that I had about Assad in Syria or the leaders in several other countries: Isn’t it the prerogitive of the sitting government to protect itself from violent overthrow? Exactly what do you think barack obama would do if the militias banned together to remove his sorry posterior? And if you think that would be a mess, try to imagine hillary clinton in the same scenario!!!
    There’s more than one prophetic preacher in the United States that believes America is about to be judged by God for our wickedness, and that we will end up under martial law. Christians have been encouraged to pray that the martial will be a holy person that will make the kind of changes here that Mr. Putin has been able to bring about in Russia. The Lord gave Russia a good, capable man for your leader. Maybe with enough prayer on both sides of the ocean, He’ll provide another for America, and we can all have peace.


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