Kharkiv Mayor assassination attempt

Andriy’s comments:

He had organized and financed “Oplot” thugs from Kharkiv (pro-Russian bastards who were killing people in Mariinsky park and on Kyiv streets).

Keren was one of leaders of pro-Russian secession project but after several days he had changed his position to neutral.

He was heavily involved with many bad people, from local oligarchs to the Kremlin. He’d been to prison three times.

Report of his death:

Other news sites report he is still alive:

Kharkiv ex-governor Michail Dobkin (who also has Jewish roots) says that it could be Maidan supporters who wanted to kill Kernes.

[That’s probably the safe thing for him to say.]

Dobkin was a close friend of Kernes and they both were on Russian side. Now only Dobkin remains there. He runs for a president because that gives him immunity from being arrested and jailed.

picture of Dobkin & Kernes


For several years Dobkin and Kernes were paying to local hooligans to throw green liquid (zelenka) in faces of their opponents while they were visiting Kharkiv (Yatsenyuk was one of victims) Here is Dobkin’s face in Mukolaiv two weeks ago:

Current PM Yatzeniuk also got the green paint treatment.

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