Kyiv Bitcoin Conference

I just returned from Ukraine’s first Bitcoin conference, and I’m still buzzing with a sense of endless possibility and a better future. It’s always very inspiring to meet so many people with big ideas.

The general speeches about Bitcoin — how it works, what it means, weren’t as brilliant as what you may get in the US. The thing that impressed me most was the individual talent in the room. I had great discussion about virtual property, mining, and decentralized exchanges. Someone told me the guys behind the famous mega-miner GHash.IO were there, but I didn’t meet them.

I met a very gentlemanly life-long entrepreneur-turned-VC who returned from New York City to his native Ukraine in the 1990s. He told me that OkCupid and WhatsApp are among the IT giants created by Ukrainians. I hadn’t known that.

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2 thoughts on “Kyiv Bitcoin Conference

  1. beauregard

    There seems to be problem with the entry about Bit Coin.

    It is stuck on being first in listing of posts.

    Is this lesson learned from Youtube where we have
    to watch ad first?

    Whilst you be interested in Bit Coin, others are interested
    in what is going on in Ukraine.

    Time to move along. Time to recognize the interest of
    readers. Time to practice old time customer service, yes?
    Have you ever written about that subject?

    Maybe time to write serious book about machinations
    of Putin against Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, et al.

    Where is real literary production? I recall someone who
    wanted to be entrepreneur of words. You know, writer.

    ——————— // ———————–
    See comments on previous post in this regard
    (Circa March 2013) as follows:
    ———————- // ———————-

    Herein we see the efforts of a young man’s frustration
    accepting the current morbid situation. He has given
    up on seeking higher ground. At least to the observer,
    it appears that he accepts the morass as unfixable,
    rather than leading his contemporaries around the
    problem to greater achievements.

    The question is how to inspire the young, energetic,
    and able to recognize that they are needed to move
    mountains. How to get them to lead?

    Leaders are not born. But, they have within the
    potential. How do we light that fire?
    —————— // ———————

    Reread Jim DeMint’s comments on the Blob.

    Rule of the Blob
    by Jim DeMint:

    “The Obama administration has put us under rule
    of the Blob — the bureaucracy has become
    indescribable, indestructible, and it seems like
    nothing can stop it from engulfing us all. Politicians
    assure us every expansion of the state will create
    jobs. Yet three years and several trillion dollars
    later, the only jobs being created seem to be in
    Washington, home to four of the nation’s five
    wealthiest counties despite creating almost
    nothing of actual economic value.”

    “Instead of jobs, we got the Blob.”

    “The federal government does create jobs, sort
    of, but not the ones it claims. The only jobs
    Obamanomics creates are for government
    employees to administer the rules, trial lawyers
    to sue perceived violators, compliance lawyers
    to get companies up to code, environmentalists
    to conduct impact studies, union bosses,
    executives of companies favored with grants,
    subsidies and loan guarantees, and Wall Street
    bankers to buy and sell all our debt.”

    “There are three big problems with this. First,
    these jobs don’t add value to the economy. They
    don’t manufacture or build or innovate or create
    their own wealth — they just siphon wealth from

    “Second, the money Washington uses to create
    these special interest windfalls kills many more

    “And third, these special interest jobs cannot
    survive without government handouts, so they
    either become a permanent drag on the economy
    or, like so many of the president’s green-energy
    gambles, they eventually fail, losing both jobs and
    taxpayer money in the process.”

    ————— // ——————-

    Ask questions. Ask how does Ukraine fight the Blob
    from destroying Ukraine.

    Probably more than one answer. When relevant answers
    found, do as Christ and Apostles did. Preach, preach
    often, and loudly.

    Maybe it is time to become Deacon in church? So you
    can stand in pulpit and preach.

    Maybe I can send pieces of wood cut to size to make
    platform to preach in streets of Ukraine?

    The posting, “Ukraine in WWII — between Hitler and Stalin”,
    was well written. Where is more of that quality?

    Where? Where? Where?

    Where is Gospel according to Roman?


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