4 thoughts on “Kyiv Philharmonic

    1. Roman

      You have a strange conception of “forward”. Also, I want my six minutes back. That video has nothing to do with anything.

  1. Beauregard

    strange conception of “forward”+

    The video demonstrated the test of a new Chinese missile. Those were the first pictures
    of the missile to the intelligence community.

    The missile is an anti ship missile launched from a sub.

    Its intended targets are U. S. Aircraft carriers and big ships.

    China intends to rule the seas…

    1. Beauregard

      And read more


      Understand what you were supposed to recognize in those lost 6 minutes…

      There are more things going on other than Putin and Ukrainian corruption.

      Freedom has always been a struggle, a fight and it is attacked
      from all sides by those who imagine themselves as God.

      “Religion isn’t so much about telling man that there is one God as
      about preventing man from thinking that he is God.”
      N. N. Taleb@nntaleb

      OSHO explains the multifaceted word “Fuck”,
      as it has replaced the word “God”, as the most
      important word in the English Language.
      —————– // ——————-


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