7 thoughts on “Largest Music Concert in Ukraine’s History. 70k+ people.

      1. Ed K

        Oh come on. Did you ever go to Circus in USA? The guy
        with the monkey and tin cup played a modern version –
        called a Hurdy Gurdy.

        It is ancient instrument with a history of Celtic associations.
        Understand the Ruthenians not only had Lira but also bag pipes.

        I thought you were studying the history of Ukraine? Trace the
        music side, too.

        I suspect that in Lviv you can find Lira player or two….

        We have seen you with that lady before, yes?

  1. Ed K

    So explain the ladies age in picture 2 according to chart on Lost Republic?

    Or better yet, have her post reply…

    Are you telling us you are younger and that is why you are not getting anywhere?

    We await her reply. Your mother wants to know.


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