4 thoughts on “Lexical Distance Among the Languages of Europe

  1. Ed K

    Lithuanian has long been classified as Baltic language.

    However, out there in the WWW is a super computer
    language origins analysis that shows old Lithuanian as
    coming from same root source as old church Slavonic.

    It was only the isolation of the Lithuanian tribes from
    about 500 A.D. till modern times that allowed the language
    to localize and distinguish itself from other Slavic tongues.

    The roots of Lithuanian align with old Byelorussian dialects
    today only locally remembered because of domination of Russian.

    1. Roman

      That’s curious. I’ve also heard that of all contemporary European languages, Lithuanian is closest to the ancient relative of the group, Hindi, which is spoken in India.

  2. Ed K

    And I thought you were finding your Ukrainian roots.
    Now you are proving you are a gypsy? Gypsys
    orginated in India, yes? Humm, Roman the Gypsy?


    this site says sanskrit not hindi.


    “Scholars have recognized the Lithuanians as exponents
    of the primitive Aryan culture and civilization. Renowned
    philologists have agreed that the Lithuanian is not only
    the oldest language in the world today, but the language
    used by Aryans before the invention of evolution of
    Sanskrit. The antiquity of Lithuanian language and its
    grammatical structure place it in the same period with
    the oldest Sanskrit – 2000 B.C. or earlier.



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