Little Green Men in Moldova

“Russia is trying to destabilize the situation not only in Ukraine but also in other countries. According to G. Kosovan, the former Deputy Interior Minister of the Republic of Moldova, there are the so-called “little green men” in Moldova now who recruit young people and instruct them in techniques of disinformation, action in emergency situations, and use of small arms,”- was said in the statement.

Citing Kosovan, the NSDC said that more than 500 people have been recruited in the south of Moldova and trained in Rostov, Moscow, Transnistria and Beltsy.

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    1. Roman

      I’m a fan of the Koch brothers. They’re like a less influential, and conservative, George Soros, but because they’re conservative, they’re demonized.

  1. beauregard

    The CATO institute always rankles the left. It is
    libertarian oriented thus opposed to Marxism or

    Cato was founded by a small group of whom the
    Koch’s were part of. Some of the original founders
    died and others left the libertarian

    Libertarians are often painted as God hating, pot
    smoking anti society types.

    That is not an accurate description, especially in regards
    to the Koch brothers.

    However, there are some who carry Libertarianism to
    the extreme thus are used as fall guys for those opposed
    to Libertarian tenets.

    It is important to grasp that Libertarians are not Conservative.

    Whereas Librarians are opposed to all government,
    Conservatives understand the need for a Sheriff to
    reign in the con men.

    Con men waste resources. And all are not informed
    nor equipped to stand up to Con men.

    Does Ukraine have savvy to stop the biggest Con
    man of our age?
    a.k.a Putin?

    Libertarians would say let the people decide. But can
    everyday people decide when a gun is being held to their
    heads? Putin has the guns and the thugs to use them.

    Understand right and wrong. Is that right or wrong?

    What is Ukrainian societal history that separates it
    from Russia?

    Consider the governing concepts of Pylyp Orlyk as
    expounding the essence of Ukrainian civil society.

    Orlyk was writing down the essence of beliefs of
    Ukrainians on how to govern which is diametrically
    opposite of Putin dictatorship.

    1. walt

      Good report, and Cato has had positive articles and I believe sponsors Andrei Illovrov, who was a former Putin economics advisor and now denounces putin.

      But Koch brothers sponsored Reason magazine and it’s history is not positive at all. See this link, Gary North was an early writter for Reason.

      IThe linked article mentions amongst other things Ron Pauls earlier supporter Gary North.
      Here is a segement from the wikipedia page,
      “Gary North favors capital punishment for a range of offenders; including women who lie about their virginity, blasphemers, nonbelievers, children who curse their parents,[22] male homosexuals, and other people who commit acts deemed capital offenses in the Old Testament….North has said that capital punishment should be carried out by stoning” source

      Gary North wirtes for Lew Rockwell who is out of his mind too.

      1. Beauregard


        Roman used to be a big fan of Lew Rockwell…
        of Ron Paul…

        Consider this scribing:

        Conservative and Liberal, meaning of terms today:

        “… to understand the modern day terms “liberal” and “conservative”
        one must first understand that the meaning of the terms has
        changed a great deal in the last half century.

        “Historically, conservatives wanted to “conserve” the feudal
        systems that ruled Europe . They didn’t belive in or want
        liberty and freedom of self- determination for the masses.
        They felt the masses were better off under the direction of

        “Back then it was the “liberals” who wanted to change that
        system. They were more open minded to new forms of
        governance. They were believers in the individual’s right to
        self-determination and most importantly believed in the right
        of any man to own property. (Even if that property was a tiny
        cottage and garden plot.) This line of thinking was nothing
        short of revolutionary. Think Pylyp Orlyp’s Constitution.

        “You see during that time land ownership was no longer a
        revolutionary concept. Thanks to the success of the U.S.
        and English systems of government the things that modern
        day conservatives (who remember were the same as earlier
        century liberals) supported then and now, no longer needed
        to be established but needed to be “conserved”, protected
        and defended.

        The down side was that liberals “stole” something that did
        not and still does not belong to their world view. Namely,
        they have ended up in our modern culture with the reputation
        of being more intellectual when in fact they never have been
        and are not now.

        ————————- // ———————–

        Comment thereon:

        A look at believers of Liberalism today demonstrates a thinking
        where Feudalism morphs into Marxism. Marxism of the
        politically correct merely replaces the king and nobility with
        the state or some vague intellectual group.

        Individuals are not free men and women.

        1. walt

          Great post Beauregard,

          I was aware of much of what you said, I too saw that the lefties stole the liberal title. I haven’t reasearched Phylyp Orly yet.

          Back to true liberalism, Jeff Nyquist said in a recent post of his that our liberal society, (which includes lefties), is incapable of defending or fighting against an illiberal enemy.
          “We live in the 21st century” and we think are enemy does too. “We are reasonable” and we expect the enemy to be so. We cannot reduce ourselves to their level and as in past civilizations we too can collapse, from an invader. We play by the rules , the enemy doe not. Whether Jeff Nyquist is a true liberl I don’t know, but he is not the only one that saysw we should not play by the rules, and I agree.

          I couldn’t find the article,yet, where Jeff talks about this liberal paradox, but here is his homepage link.

  2. Beauregard


    I need a translator for the following:

    —————— // ———————-

    CNN: Author Ben Judah says Vladimir Putin has presented
    a “Nazi Ukraine” to the Russian people and is trapped
    by propaganda.

    [2] The second variation: There exists an small
    obnoxious group of folks who play at ‘ultra-ultra
    nationalism’—-with a fetish for the Gothic (many
    of whom are Russian speaking and from East Ukraine
    rather than from the alleged ‘Nazi spawning western
    part of the country’).

    The suspicion among folks in the know in UA is
    that many of the “Goths” have actually listened
    too often to ‘RU skinhead’ rants on RU mass media
    and put a UA flag on the garbage.

    Halyna Koynash has aptly described the group, the
    situation around the group and provided a remedy.

    … Those who have fought, and those who died
    in defending their country deserve our gratitude.
    Political support, however, must be earned in
    different ways. One is for the leaders of all political
    parties to spurn populist moves and distance
    themselves from members of volunteer battalions
    whose unquestioned bravery and commitment cannot
    justify views which have no place in the democratic
    European country…

    [3] On to the third variation. Some from the obnoxious
    group of folks just mentioned have lately attempted to
    impact on the politics of Ukraine ‘with threats to raise
    a ruckus in Kyiv’ (won’t that be grand in the middle of war).

    At that point, it seems time to call a “spade a spade”.

    Please note the link below. It contains a document
    that was passed to the reps of the Ukrainian Hromada
    in the early 1990s by America’s legendary expert
    on ‘Soviet DEZINFORM’, Herb Romerstein.

    The document, picked up in Moscow by US researchers
    during a brief period of informational laxity under early
    Yeltsin (1992-1993), actually details how the KGB, in
    the last years of the USSR (1990-1991), took to
    penetrating and neutralizing the democratic movement
    in Ukraine. In every case, they focused on taking the
    ‘ultra-ultra radical’ groups under their control.

    If I were a betting man, Putin ‘is now harvesting’
    what that wonderfully prescient KGB sowed ‘back
    in the day’!!

    I lent my copy to Taras Kuzio…..who proceeded wisely
    to put it on his website and equally wisely named the
    file “KGB NATIONALISTS; please feel free to visit:

    —————— // ————————

    1. walt

      Beauregard ,

      Your reference to Halyna Koynash and her linked article, when talking about the far right,
      has in that article one link, (, with the following quotes;

      In May 2014, an ‘epic thread’ appeared on the Facebook page of the Right Sector, a far right Ukrainian movement that emerged at the beginning of the Euromaidan protests in November 2013. A photo of Conchita Wurst, the extravagant Austrian winner of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, was posted with the comment: ‘Do we need this kind of ‘Europe’? Or would it be better to restore the real Europe at home and build a strong national state that would be free not only from Moscow imperialists but also from Western liberasts?!’. This post became a disaster for the Right Sector, as the overwhelming majority of the commentators – many of them actual subscribers to the Right Sector Facebook page – condemned the homophobia and intolerance of the post. One commentator said: ‘You have Putin’s view of Europe… Europe is different and Conchita demonstrates that people are different…

      (and later in that same article)

      On 5 July, the Ukrainian LGBT community was going to hold a March of Equality in Kyiv, under the slogan ‘Ukraine is united and we are part of it,’ but Klitschko called for its cancellation on the grounds that ‘when military operations are taking place and many people are dying,’ it would not be ‘appropriate to hold entertainments.’ Klitschko seems completely to misunderstand the meaning of democracy: the March of Equality is not an ‘entertainment’ but a means of drawing attention to the fact that the state should ‘affirm and ensure human rights and freedoms’ of all its citizens.

      Well as to Conchita, I think it has a banana. Does Conchita call it’s own banana,
      Conchita banana?

      As to your gothic reference, I don’t know if that is anywhere near a speck part of Azov battalion, it might be more than a speck less than a speck, I don’t know. But I do know that the “ASS” community, (anal sex society), likes to paint any pro heterosexual group with muddy paint.

    2. walt

      As to your comment about russian infiltration of Ukrainian right wing groups, they infiltrate all goups. libertarians. lefties and I am sure they p e n e t r a t e ASS groups too.

      Do they have controll of the Ukrainian right wing groups, I don’t think so, moles yes.

    3. walt

      Back to Halyna Koynash’s linked article,
      “The failure to protect the participants of the March of Equality from Ukrainian right-wing extremists in Kyiv is no different from the failure to protect East Ukrainian civilians from (pro-)Russia separatists, because ‘all people are free and equal in their dignity and rights’, while ‘human rights and freedoms are inalienable and inviolable’ (Article 21).”

      So the fight for the right to have anal sex is the same fight for Ukrainian independence. Whaty say you, Beauregard ?

      1. Beauregard


        I received the posting and submitted it here for comment.
        I understand Putin. I have said he is reincarnation of Stalin
        and Hitler. His techniques are violence, thuggery and

        Those were not my comments nor words.

        Good that it got your attention…


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