3 thoughts on “Lukashanka delivered a speech in Belarusian instead of Russian first time in 20 years will Putin punish him?

    1. Roman

      That’s a good article about Russia’s internal fragility. Not sure what it has to do with the claime that “Ukraine is not a state.”

  1. Ed K

    The article said:

    “With regard to Ukraine, he said that “Ukraine is not a state: it is a
    buffer formation.” It is the product of the weakening of the Russian
    nation. And it is not a separate nation either – although he said one
    can create the simulacrum of a nation. “Give me the money and staff,
    and after 15 years, I will form a nation of Siberians which I can control,”
    Averyanov added.

    What he did not say is that many of Siberians would be Ukrainians
    from the Holodomor.


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