Man Pads Captured by Separatists

This could be
a) Ukrainian propaganda
b) pure Bullsh#t
c) true


translated by google:

Read carefully and admire the beauty of the solutions ! Investigating how MANPADS Polish GROM-E2 ( analogue of the Russian MANPADS “Igla-S “) fell into the hands of journalists – terrorists went through its own channels to developers and manufacturers of Thunder in Poland. It was necessary to clarify some parts marking.

Recall that in late 2008, Russia reported to the United States about the Polish MANPADS “GROM – E2 “, which found in the Chechen warriors. Those MANPADS were the same series , and found that the terrorists under Kramatorsk .

And that’s what the brothers learned the Poles. Polish missile not exactly as the Russian Igla . She flies farther and explosives in her anymore . But there is another feature – a rocket in the Polish GROM-E2 differently arranged air target identification system “friend or foe ” . The Russian Needles requestor is only in the starting mechanism .

A Polish «GROM-E2» has its own small block in the rocket itself , and at the moment the missile launch this unit attempts to contact by radio with an air target. If a request comes in encrypted response , the missile self-destructs at launch , destroying those who tried to shoot the Polish aircraft.

After May 18 , it became known that terrorists use it captured during the war in Georgia, the Polish “GROM – E2 “, Ukrainian Air Force stopped flying to clarify the situation , and from Poland were quickly delivered to Ukraine 24 sets Polish onboard equipment ” Friend or Foe , “which established on Ukrainian planes and helicopters.

Now when you try to launch on Ukrainian Polish helicopters «GROM-E2» will explode in great hands of terrorists.
So we wait to live a fabulous fireworks – because terrorists like to shoot video with their terrorist attacks .