7 thoughts on “Map of Situation in Donbas

  1. BritSquaddie

    God bless the Federalist people of Donbass, defending their towns and cities from Right Sector NAZIs and American IMF stooges!

  2. BritSquaddie

    The only ‘Terrorists’ are those RATS in Kiev, the terrorists who slaughtered over 100 people in Odessa, and are now bombing civilians in Donbass.

  3. Giacomo

    I speak neither Ukrainian nor Russian, but according to all kind of news I could find, Donbass russian speaking fighters seem to be defending their homes and families, while Azov and Ukrainian army are murdering lots of innocent civilians and committing war crimes. Can you help me finding news that might possibly contradict the impression I had? If yes, thanks for showing me some more news. If not, deal with truth, and stop supporting Ukrainian nazi terrorism against Donbass people.


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