MASSIVE Jump In People Who Renounced US Citizenship Last Quarter

A massive 1,131 individuals renounced their US citizenship last quarter, according to data that has yet to be officially released (though I was able to procure an advanced copy).

This is a HUGE jump.

Compared to the same quarter last year in which 188 people renounced their US citizenship, this year’s number is over SIX TIMES higher.

Not to mention, it’s 66.5% higher than last quarter’s 679 renunciations.

This brings the total number of renunciations so far this year to 1,810.

While still embryonic, it’s difficult to ignore this trend– more and more people are starting to renounce their US citizenship.

After all, the number of people who renounced citizenship this past quarter is roughly the same as the number of people who renounced for the previous four quarters COMBINED.

3 thoughts on “MASSIVE Jump In People Who Renounced US Citizenship Last Quarter

  1. Ed K

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    BTW, maybe bring Andrii?

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  2. Ed K

    You have stated the underlying problem:
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    The perceived problem is supposed to get you
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