Military Instincts

Maybe it’s the smell of revolution in the air. This evening, I was walking to the gym for BJJ training. There’s one pretty desolate street I walk down. I heard an explosion and didn’t know what it was. It made me alert.

Then fireworks erupted so suddenly, and with such intensity that I flopped belly down in the snow. It was a good spot. Beside a sort of low wall. I thought they were explosions, but it was such a good spot that I was safe. No one knew I was there either. I could have exfiltrated quickly and quietly. Only when I looked up did I see the glittering lights in the sky.

I dusted myself off and continued, more proud of myself than embarassed. It’s a good instinct.

2 thoughts on “Military Instincts

  1. Ed K

    Military Instincts?

    Post battle fatigue more likely.

    You have never resolved your past, face it.

    Recall the name of doctor I told you to visit in Rivne?
    His specialty is counseling. You do not have to worry, he
    will not send you to VA. He is a good man, you ought to
    meet him. Pretend you are interested in art.

    He has been to USA. Visited New York of all places. Probably
    talked to people from St. Georges, yes?

    You need to get out of the circle you are in. Ducking
    for fireworks? Did you reach for your 45?


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