2 thoughts on “Mine isn’t the only blog of a diaspora Ukrainian returned to one’s native soil

  1. Ed K

    Why do you work so hard on leaving out the answer to everyone’s question?

    Have you met her?

    Her blog requires setting a poison pill to ask.


    “Welcome to the One World Order….one government, one
    money, and one religion. Believe what we believe or else!
    Not a conspiracy any longer. Really happening. Look at the
    US military man who posted his beliefs on Facebook. Not
    only did Obama offend Catholics but all Christians.”
    Dr Druff on: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/06/19/obama-offends-catholics-in-the-uk-says-religious-schools-are-divisive-78053

  2. Ed K

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but your native soil is New York
    City. Your parents were from Ukraine, but you are native New
    Yorker. Maybe should return and run for mayor.

    You are mixing roots and soil where offspring grows. I am sorry
    but you can never be native Ukrainian.

    That paper you worked hard to get, does not make you native.
    It demonstrates your roots.

    Ask K. Yashchenko if she is native Ukrainian?

    You are dreaming or imagining something you are not…


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